Christmas Treats: Mincemeat Pie & Peanut Butter Ball

A celebration never be complete with some sweet treats, whether you’re having it yourself or give as gift, and I got those covered at Christmas with mincemeat pie and peanut butter ball.

If you watched Nigella Christmas Kitchen, I’ll bet you came across with these two recipes, and mincemeat is truly a traditional tart during Christmas. First heard of  its name, I had the concept that this is made with meat, in fact originally it did contain meat, but it evolved to have apple and dried fruit today. I followed the recipe entirely from Nigella’s, which used fresh cranberry instead of grated apple, and you’ll get this christmacy ruby-red mincemeat, which looks really attractive. I know mine tart wouldn’t sell good because of its look, I didn’t have the wavy nor star cutter, but it tastes real good.

I made this peanut butter ball as food present for my friends, it actually identical with peanut butter cup, the thing that differs is the shape. After completed the base, rolled into small bite size ball, and stash in the fridge to firm up. Melted the milk and dark chocolate, and it is important to keep the chocolate mixture runny, or it will be a bit tedious if the harden chocolate keeps pulling the soft peanut butter ball. Cover ball with chocolate, carefully spoon up or pick up with a toothpick, let excess chocolate to drip off, and sprinkle over the decoration of your choice. You can put whatever you like around the chocolate surface, mine had peanuts, chocolate rice and little colorful sprinkles.

Actually this peanut butter ball was supposed to give to my friends at the party, due to inefficient scheduling, but it will be my perfect New Year gift, together with my chocolate cookie.

Peanut butter ball:

  • 1/3 cup of peanut butter (I used chunky)
  • 50 g of butter,
  • 3/4 cup of icing sugar