After Christmas

As promised, here is what I had in my party. Unfortunately, there aren’t any picture provided with the food, I’m too busy serving food and guest at the time, only this aftermath scene got pick.

I made 5 food in total, my friend brought 2 salads: chicken kebab, which is marinaded with lemon and thyme, and bake in the oven skewer with pepper, leek and onion; roasted potatoes, it was roasted at first, but at last minute I fried it because I didn’t have time anymore, together with fried onion ring with beer batter. For dip, I had this dhal thadka, lentil cooked with plenty of spices, with tortilla chip; and last but no least the dessert, Chocolate-crusted Pandan Panna Cotta with toffee sauce and cranberry glaze. It sounds splendid does it? However it doesn’t come out the way I thought it will be, you will be imagining that it got this wonderful layers in it, but it don’t, just this lump of melted cream thing, because I didn’t add the gelatin. A total let down. Not forgetting my signature drink, I called it White Christmas ;p, soda with lemon and lime juice, syrup, garnished with mint leave.

But actually, it’s not that bad, at least my friends had fun, I think. The point is, I’m really enjoying the process of making the food, it’s just I had this underlying unconscious of trying recipe that I’m not really mastered, you know, to impress my guests. It is a no-no thing to do at a party, you will end up wasting a lot of time, and panicking at very last-minute. Well, all this was preparing myself in party planning, so that when I have my own house later, I could throw any amazing party with easy breeze.

Anyway, to amend the lack of photography in this post, I had made Christmas chocolate cookie with peanut and drink to share. The drink is Chai tea, an Indian spiced milk tea, which is very popular now. I made a twist with my version, by adding coffee in it, sort of Hong Kong style coffee and tea.

And my Christmas doesn’t stop here, because I got more recipe coming. At New Year, I’m going to roast a chicken for my family, from Jamie Family Christmas, and made mincemeat pie, mulled wine…



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