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With holiday edging closer, this mean I’m going to spend most of my day staring at computer screen, but what’s more, more time in the kitchen too! This is my self-reward period after all the hardworks in campus (;p), I couldn’t think of any better way, other than cooking favorite food to treat myself and my family.

Happen to say that, I haven’t made any plan of what I’m going to cook, often I just goes with the flow. It’s pointless to pick at recipe that uses in-season ingredients, I don’t think they will come in handy in my place, where I have to drive faraway to another town to get those fancy stuff. So, I guess I’m gonna to cook food that is closer to me, or anything that comes with.

In this post, I shared one of my favorite breakfast of all time: Kaya Toast with Soft-boiled Eggs, from NoobCook. What is so great about this recipe is that, not only it tastes fabulous, but this is my childhood memory; where when I’m little, my grandfather brings me to our village’s kopitiam (coffee-shop) on Sunday morning, and I always order this for my breakfast.

It does took experience to cook a perfect soft-boiled egg, I get easily frustrated all morning if the egg is overcook or underdone. I say, if you are using a small egg, it will cook around 4-5 min, larger ones can take up to 6-7 min; sometimes I look at the surface airhole, if it stops coming out with tiny bubble, then it is ready. Not that this is completely accurate, you got to try do it yourself to get your own liking.

And of course the compliment to this, is some kaya and butter toast. Recently I like to have slice of butter on the toast, rather than spreading all over, where you can bite through smooth cold butter. The absolute gorgeous moment when eating this, is when breaking the yolk, where it mixes with the runny white to form this golden pond, and you dipped the bread inside…total heaven.

They say a perfect day starts with a perfect morning, for me, a perfect breakfast, and this eggs and toast completely define it all.


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