2 months hiatus

As you can see, the café was left to rot for over 2 months now, didn’t update the site since I went back to college. It’s almost impossible, to keep up the consistency of post like previous month does, due to the fact that the hostel had so many constricting elements compared to own home.

The thing is, I still do cooking in my hostel, with all the pot and pan I brought; but it’s the time that I find so hard to cope with. Long hours of study, even my weekend was pre-occupied with queue of activity…

Yes, I know all those craps were just excuses of mine, I haven’t learned what’s the importance of time management. It’s my oblige at first, making choice to run two blogs simultaneously; but I still love cooking and enjoy blogging about it so much, I don’t want to feel like it’s some sort of burden trying to make everyone happy, kind of defeats the motto of this site. I want to have fun in this.

So, after this the blog will start rolling again, yet in short period I’ll post some recipes I didn’t manage to write-up from my last holiday. I’ve also thinking of sharing some article or recipes I fond of, just to fill-up the void when I’d run out of source myself. In the meantime, happy exploring in stay_cafe.


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