A Trip to Food Paradise- Penang

I went Penang with my friends for a holiday trip. And it is certainly the paradise of food, because you’ll always found plenty of hawker stalls lining along streets passed, and there are places to eat everywhere. Though we stayed for only a day (ya, it’s not enough!), but we did savor a lot of yummy delicacies.

This is the Penang Laksa I had at a stall near Ke Lok Si. Laksa at northern Malaysia is totally different than what we eat in southern area. At my place, the laksa is cook in curry, which is added with coconut milk to make it richer; the soup of Penang Laksa is much milder since the noodle draped with asam soup, but together with some strong-flavored ingredients likes mint, fresh shallot and shrimp paste. It’s really something I never tasted it before.

Penang is most famous for its Char Kway Teow, and you can see why because Char Kway Teow stalls are everywhere. I had this one at Gurney Drive, with Oyster Omelette(蚝煎).

The next morning we went for breakfast at a dim sum shop. It was most satisfying, we had fried radish cake, shrimp dumpling, char siew pau, egg tart, etc, and still very cheap.

My friend brought us to a chicken rice shop before we went back, it’s located at the inland, but I didn’t know where the exact place. Chicken rice might sound ordinary but this one was served with tom yam soup, very spicy and sour delicious, and other northern sidedishes. The chicken is fumed by the aromatic sesame oil and sauce, love it, a perfect end for the journey.


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