Oo Peng (Yam Rice)

It started I had this paradigm shift, thinking instead of blogging the food I cook, why don’t I post the recipe that my grandma cook for the family. It is such a great way to learn how to make it, in a way also this help passes the legacy to me. And I can’t think there is a better thing to start with this delicious yam rice.

This for me is the ultimate comfort food, not least because it is easier for the cook, you could make it in the morning and then keep warm in the rice cooker until you want to eat it. Plus, rice is quite substantial, so you could make a huge pot and it can easily feed a lot of people even till supper.


  • 2 cups of rice plus half a cup of glutinous rice (soak in water for 20 min before cook)
  • 4 small shallots, sliced into ring
  • 150g of sam zam bak(which is the pork belly, with layer of fats in it), cut into thin strips
  • 4 tbs oil
  • 1 liter of hot water
  • a small yam, cut into cube
  • 2 tbs dark soy sauce
  • 1  tbs salt

You’ll need a big pan for this, it just easier to turn everything, if you got a wok that’s perfect. In the hot oil, fry the shallot and strip of pork belly till golden brown. Fish it all out into a bowl, and stir in the yam in the remaining oil.  Season with salt and pour over the dark soy sauce, this make sure the rice look more appealing and appetizing. Drain the rice and toss into the wok.

Always when serving this savory rice, my grandma would make soup with it. Before she starts with the rice, she bring a pot full of water to boil, then throw in some chunky pork ribs, this turns into the liquid to cook the rice. You don’t have to do that. And although having to give the amount of water, it isn’t that useful when come to cook rice, the idea is just to cover the rice with water about a centimeter high.

Put on a lid and cook the rice for about 20min. When the rice had absorbed all the liquid, return the crispy shallot and pork into the wok, mix well. Ladle all into the rice cooker to keep warm, job done. This amount of rice will feed up to 6-7 persons for the whole day, so there is no need to worry about dinner.


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