Domestic Goddess-Nigella Lawson


For those who like cooking and watch a lot of cooking show(like me),i’ll bet you will come across this person,no no no,i’m not talking about Jamie Oliver but the domestic goddess-Nigella Lawson.

I watched the cook show she host 4 years ago on Discovery Travel & Living-Nigella Feasts and immediately i fall for it.She is neither a trained chef nor cook, but she has a distinctly relaxed approach to her cooking and her sense of humour really driven me to continue watching the entire cooking series. And by the end of each episode,before she went to bed,she would open the fridge and nibble whatever leftover inside…ugh,how it make me drool when she did that.

I have to say,her show really influenced the habit of my diet and it’s give me courage to explore something new especially on western food because the recipes are quite easy to follow. Now i’ve learned new technique on culinary and exposed to a lot of ingredients i haven seen before. I even went to buy my own owen to try on new recipes. I really looking forward to her next culinary show.


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